Our founder’s daughter, Judith Gale’s fascination with seashells transpired into big bright colorful paintings on canvases inspired by the many patterns of cowry, cone, and volute shells.

Environmental advocate Edward Abbey stated that “It is no longer sufficient to describe the world of nature. The point is to defend it.” In recent years, we have witnessed increased devastation brought on by natural disasters whose causes can be traced back to man-made damage to the environment. Most of us cannot fathom the extent of the irreversible damages that pollutants have had on our ecosystem thus far, but these gaps in our knowledge and awareness can hurt us the most. Each link in the ecosystem is indispensable. All of us with a platform and an audience must make sure that we compel those around us to not only pay attention, but also, to act.

Judith Gale Artwork 1
Judith Gale Artwork 4
Judith Gale Artwork 2
Judith Gale Artwork 3