The Molluscan Science Foundation


The Molluscan Science Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on advancing the scientific study of mollusks, their medical application, and the conservation of species diversity and habitats.

The foundation seeks to raise awareness about our beautiful blue planet through education and the direct observation of seashells. Our hope is to protect marine life from critical threats like global warming, overfishing, and plastic pollution.

Our Team

Michael Mont

Felix Lorenz

Kevin Monsecour

Judith Mont

Vice President & Director of Education

As Director of Education for the Molluscan Science Foundation, Judith has led the creation and distribution of educational materials to school-aged children all over the world. By introducing seashells to children, they will grow to love and value our oceans and help protect them.

Louie Rundo

Dr. Peter Stahlschmidt

Our Story

Dr. Michael Mont and Felix Lorenz first met in January 2012. Based on their enthusiasm for shells and shell collecting, they wished to take their passion to the next level. They developed the idea of the Molluscan Science foundation dedicated to mollusks, malacology, education, and conservation.